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The National Association of School Psychologists


The first national professional organization for serving school psychologists is the NASP or National Association of School Psychologists. Founded in 1969, the National Association of School Psychologists is the largest national professional association with over twenty-one thousand members today. It exemplifies school psychologists serving the educational and mental health needs of young adults, children, and their families. School psychologists help children with academic, social, and emotional issues within the educational system. A school psychologist’s goal is to collaborate with students, teachers, and parents on the needs of the children to promote a safe, healthy, sound learning environment. Members of the National Association of School Psychologists must have special training in education and psychology and certified and/or licensed within their state. Members of NASP provide services in areas including successful learning, effective teaching, mental health, school organization, school systems, child development, motivation, behavior and learning.

The National Association of School Psychologists provides standards for practice and ethics, and sanctions graduate training curricula that adhere sufficiently with its education guidelines. It is the premier source of resources, professional development and knowledge empowering school psychologist to make certain that all youth and children attain optimum mental health and learning. Some of the objectives of the National Association of School Psychologists are to increase in number:

• Training programs that conform to national standards
• Graduate students and school psychologists trained in advocacy skills
• School psychologists roles in crisis response, intervention, and prevention

The National Association of School Psychologists strives to promote equity in access to mental health services and educational resources for all youth and children, and support of the comprehensive services of school psychologists.

Some of the National Association of School Psychologists guiding principles include respecting and embracing diversity at all association levels, and being responsive to membership needs. Trained school psychologists deliver continuous intervention and prevention services to schools, families, youth, and children. A high degree of professional and personal ethical conduct and competence is apparent at all association levels and high quality professional development and graduate education are crucial to the National Association of School Psychologists mission. Both association and professional practices are culturally competent, data driven, and empirically based and leadership supported at all association levels. Volunteer professional staff and leaders work together to accomplish the goals and mission of the National Association of School Psychologists. To maintain operational excellence, critical success factors include adequate staffing levels with the necessary skills to meet all job obligations and allocating adequate resources to support program activities and work groups.

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