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Menopause Herbal Medication Can Help Ease Symptoms


Dealing with the ups, downs and symptoms of menopause is generally not a fun prospect. While doctors have certain medications at their disposal to ease some of the symptoms, many women find them a little frightening. Preferring a more natural route, these women turn to menopause herbal medication. In many cases, the natural alternative provides a viable, non-chemical, means for combating some of the worst symptoms.

Women seeking menopause herbal medication will find there are a number of well known natural remedies for some of the most common symptoms. While not every remedy is advised by doctors and not all will work for every woman, many of the menopause herbal medication choices have been used for ages and are seen as quite effective.

Common Menopause Herbal Medication

There are a variety of herbs that have proven themselves quite useful for treating symptoms, such as anxiety, hot flashes, night sweats and even sleep disturbances that are common in menopause. Some of the most popular include:

• Black cohosh - This natural remedy has been used for years to treat anxiety, depression and hot flashes. A large percentage of women who use black cohosh have reported very positive results. There are some potential downfalls to this herb, however. Since long-term safety studies have not been done on this menopause herbal medication, even the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine suggests women check with their physicians before taking this remedy.
• Dong Quai - This Chinese herb has long been used to treat some of menopause's symptoms. Its natural plant-based estrogens can relive some of the symptoms of menopause. It is typically sold in supplemental form.
• Maca root - The same remedy that South American men have used for impotence treatment for years has also proven useful for lessening the impacts of menopause. This menopause herbal medication can reduce vaginal dryness and hot flashes. It also comes in supplemental form.
• Red clover - High in plant estrogens, this herb has been used throughout Europe for ages to treat menopausal symptoms. It can help reduce mood swings and hot flashes. Many also find it helpful for preventing osteoporosis. Red clover generally comes in capsule form.

Menopause herbal medication has proven itself useful to many women. In some cases, the use of herbs has been backed up by clinical studies. When the plan is to take menopause herbal medication, it is a very good idea to discuss the plan with a physician and make sure the selected herb is considered safe. In most cases, menopause herbal medication is considered quite safe and even effective, but it is worth checking out the specific ingredient before starting treatment.

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